Cultured Marble

Amfi-Top Cultured Marble

Cast stone material consists of 80% MARBLEMIX natural filler – calcium carbonate and
quarz particles, and 20% AOC binder – polyester resins.

  • Stable, firm, durable material; smooth and glossy surface
  • Non-porous, not absorbing moisture, dirt repelling
  • Good resistance to UV-irradiation, high t⁰, fire, stains
  • Inert to all kind of chemicals
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Good repair / renovation possibilities, easy to polish and make small repair works at site
  • Wide colour range as well as NCS and RAL colour codes
  • White colour standard used – Alpine White, Sanitec standard


See our presentation below.

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Amfitop Cultured Marble



Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. The ideal solution for ships, oil rigs and small apartments.  


Design and create furniture in any shape, color or finish!  We take into account every client’s wishes and bring them to life.

Wash basins

An endless range of design choices and posibilities for aesthetic expressions. Solid Surface wash basins have many excellent characteristics.