Solid Surface

Solid Surface – Main characteristics

Amfi-Top Solid Surface owes it’s unique qualities to it’s components and production processes. The material consist of 70% aluminium trihydrate and 30% polyester resins from the oil industry. In the production process, the liquid material is cast in forms and hardened in a chemical hardening process, resulting in unique properties.

Solid Surface Amfi-Top

Amfi-Top Solid Surface sink.

Amfi-Top Solid Surface countertop.

Amfi-Top Solid Surface countertop with sink and seamless joints.

  • High temperature resistance:  The chemical hardening process results in better thermal properties compared to thermal hardening. The Amfi-Top material is able to resist temperatures of up to 200 °C  without the surfaces being impaired.

  • Completely closed material: Amfi-Top Solid Surface is a 100% homogeneous, high density and nonporous material. It will therefore not be damaged by any common household substances.
  • Seamless result: The material is glued together using either coloured glue or the original Amfi-Top material and hardener, leaving a virtually seamless result.
  • Free choice of colour and design: Amfi-Top has no defined set of standard colours. This is because we can deliver worktops, wash basins, floors or furniture in any shape and colour. Only your imagination sets the limits.
  • Built in accordance with the latest regulations for the North Sea (NORSOK): Amfi-Top Solid Surface has received certificates showing it’s fulfilment of the highest standards for the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It’s resistance to heat, fire and movements make it ideal for harsh conditions on ships and offshore installations.
  • Renewal/reparability: Amfi-Top Solid Surface is extremely durable. After years of wear and tear, it is easy renew the surfaces by using a fine sand paper. If deeper dents or scratches need to be repaired, this can be done by dripping a small amount of the original material into the dent, and using sand paper to make the surface look like new.
  • Easy maintenance: The homogeneous material prevents any substances from leaving stains. The surfaces are easy to clean using a damp cloth or regular household cleaners. Do not use steel wool or similar means to remove stains that seems to be hard to remove.

Other characteristics:

  • Matte or glossy, ivory or marble; modern appearance. 
  • Resistant to UV-radiation
  • Ideal for demanding public premises (hotels, schools, concert halls etc.)
  • 100% recyclable



Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. The ideal solution for ships, oil rigs and small apartments.  


Design and create furniture in any shape, color or finish!  We take into account every client’s wishes and bring them to life.

Wash basins

An endless range of design choices and posibilities for aesthetic expressions. Solid Surface wash basins have many excellent characteristics.