Amfi-Top Solid Surface furniture: “Design your dream”

The components of the Amfi-Top Solid Surface furniture (aluminium trihydrate and polyester resins), combined with the way Amfi-Top is manufactured, make Amfi-Top ideal for design and production of modern and high-quality furniture. The – qualities of the material, combined with the flexibility of the manufacturing process introduce new and trendy possibilities to design furniture in the exact shape, colour and finish that you dream of. Amfi-Top creates modern seating, tables, shelves, cabinets and many other pieces for professional use. Amfi-Top’s extreme durability makes it suitable for all types of demanding environments, such as public toilets, cafeterias, receptions, fast food restaurant counters. Amfi-Top is built in accordance with the latest regulations for the North Sea (NORSOK), and may therefore be used on board offshore installations and ships. In other words, it opens for limitless possibilities and quality and performance.   AmfiTop Katalog 2006 englisch.indd

Furniture example

Amfi-Top Solid Surface furniture has the following characteristics:

  • Highly flexible with custom size and colour for creative design and functionality
  • High performance material with heat resistance up to 200 °C, high UV-protection and fire resistance
  • 100% homogeneous non-porous material for excellent hygiene: no substances can leave permanent stains on the countertop surface
  • Virtually seamless joints making the furniture easy to clean
  • Easy maintenance and excellent renewal properties: small scratches can be repaired using fine sand paper, while dents and scratsces can be repaired using the original liquid Amfi-Top material and hardener
  • Modern matte or glossy finish





Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. The ideal solution for ships, oil rigs and small apartments.  


Design and create furniture in any shape, color or finish!  We take into account every client’s wishes and bring them to life.

Wash basins

An endless range of design choices and posibilities for aesthetic expressions. Solid Surface wash basins have many excellent characteristics.