Amfi-Floor: Pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring


Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. Amfi-Floor is cast in one process step, which gives a virtually seamless result with no visible joints. The flooring can be delivered with built in drains and pipes for floor heating.

Solid Surface flooring is manufactured in accordance with the latest rules and technologies, and the self-extinguishing material is approved for use in the North Sea (NORSOK).

The Amfi-Floor product uses a unique technique based on a patent application that significantly increases the fire safety of pre-fabricated wet-room floors, ensuring high comfort and quality while keeping maintenance to a minimum. The technique has a patent pending!


 Solid surface flooring

  • Matte or glossy; modern look with anti-slip surface
  • Homogeneous, non-porous material with high density; resistant to dents and cracks
  • Self-extinguishing material, fulfils high fire safety requirements
  • Heat resistant up to 200 °C 
  • Free choice of colour and design
  • Resistant to UV-radiation
  • Resistant to all kinds of chemicals
  • Ideal for demadig public premises (hotels, schools, concert halls etc.)
  • Built in accordance with the latest regulations for the North Sea (NORSOK)
  • Easy to repair/renew
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • 100% recyclable

See our Tests results & Patent of material.

Amfi-Floor is a patented Solid Surface product, with unique properties for high demanding areas like hotel bathrooms, ship cabins and offshore accommodation rigs. Amfi-Floor is cast in one piece – and has no glued joints that are prone to cracks when exposed to movement.

Amfi-Floor has the exact same properties as other Amfi-Top Solid Surface products. It comes in any shape and colour. Drains and pipes for floor heating can be cast into the floor during production, and the floor is installed by one lifting process. Walls and additional furniture like countertops, wash basins, shelves, cabinets and walls are installed directly on the floor base. Amfi-Floor can be delivered with different types of finish. Non-slip surfaces are common in shower areas, while silky or glossy surfaces are more likely to be used for furniture and wash basins. Amfi-Floor can also be delivered with milled grooves in the surface, making it look like floor tiles.

Solid Surface flooring can be cast in one piece without any glued joints and transitions, which is ideal for demanding environments that are exposed to heavy movements (like ships, oil rigs etc.). It can be cast in any shape, which makes it extremely flexible. The material is homogeneous, and there are no substances that can leave permanent stains on the surfaces. The surfaces are incredibly easy to clean with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Amfi-Floor is manufactured with a unique technique based on a patented application. The processes significantly enhance the fire safety properties and the resistance to UV-radiation. 




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Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. The ideal solution for ships, oil rigs and small apartments.  


Design and create furniture in any shape, color or finish!  We take into account every client’s wishes and bring them to life.

Wash basins

An endless range of design choices and posibilities for aesthetic expressions. Solid Surface wash basins have many excellent characteristics.