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Wash basins are one of the most common products with Solid Surface material. Solid Surface wash basin
Amfi-Top offers a wide range of professional sinks - everything from one-cast sinks for small toilets to multiple-sink wash basins on airports, hotels, homes conference hotels and other public toilets. Solid Surface wash basin
Amfi-Top wash basins has a pearly consistent appearance, with seamless joints and transitions between sink and countertop. Solid Surface wash basin
Amfi-Top wash basins is a cost effective alternative with unique properties. It can be casted in any form and color, opening a world of opportunities for architects, designers and home-owners.
The Solid Surface material is homogeneous, and there are no substances that can leave lasting stains on the surfaces. The surfaces are incredibly easy to clean with a soft cloth with mild soapy water.
The products can be casted in one piece without any glued joints and transitions, which is ideal for demanding environments that are exposed to heavy movements (like ships, oil rigs etc.).



Amfi-Top is the only supplier of one piece pre-fabricated Solid Surface flooring. The ideal solution for ships, oil rigs and small apartments.  


Design and create furniture in any shape, color or finish!  We take into account every client’s wishes and bring them to life.

Wash basins

An endless range of design choices and posibilities for aesthetic expressions. Solid Surface wash basins have many excellent characteristics.